A menu
that speaks
your language.

Menulito will automatically translate your restaurant,
cafe & bar menu and make it
multilingual for your guests.

Instantly available
in any language.

  • 100% Free, no costs

  • Enter the menu in English, that's about it
  • Automatic translation of menus
  • Guests can enjoy the menu in their own language

  • Perfect for Cafés, Restaurants, Bars
  • Make changes to your menu anytime
  • Fast & Easy! No clutter.

Tu carta en español

Your menu in English

Votre menu en français

Din menu på dansk

Menyen din på norsk

Din meny på Svenska

Il tuo menu in italiano

Valikkosi suomeksi

Ваше меню на русском

Ihr Menü auf Deutsch



+ 93 more languages

Go Contactless,
Qr Codes included.

Qr Codes are automatically generated for all your menus so you can easilly print it out or have it on your website.

Oh, did we mention,
it's really easy to use!

Create an account, enter your menu details, press save, that's It. Your menu will be instantly available i ANY language. No fuzz, no clutter.

Your menu will stay here as long as you like, free of charge today and forever. You can edit the meny whenever you like and changes will be automatically translated in all available languages.

let's get this clear

Does it cost anything ?

No, it's completely open & free, and will always be, no cost or charges at all.

How many menus can i create ?

Create as many menus you want, there is no limit

Can i come back and make changes to my menus ?

Yes, you can make any changes you want, anytime, update your prices and dishes instantly.

What is the Qr code useful for ?

A QR Code is a type of barcode that is readable by smartphones, to scan a QR code, you just need a smartphone with a camera. Guests can scan the QR Code with their phones, bringing up the restaurant menu on their phones, in all languages instantly. 

Every meny you create will automatically get a Qr code for free. Print it out, and place the contactless QR menu on your tables providing a safer environment for your customers and your business.

Not to forget, especially in times of COVID-19, customers never have to physically touch the menu, by this, you are helping protecting yourself and others from contracting COVID-19.

How does the translation of the menus work ?

As soon as you start typing in your dishes and prices in your own language, the menu is automatically translated into 105 languages instantly.

How accurate is the translation ?

Menulito Multilingual Menu uses Google translate to make the automatic menu translation possible. Human translators generally rank at 8.5 out of 10, google translations rank in the range between 6 to 8.3, depending on language and phrases used.