A multilingual
menu is born

This is

Menulito is a simple & very useful tool for any restaurant, cafe or Bar owner who needs to get their menu available in many languages. It comes very handy to business owners who only need to create the menu in their native language, menulito will then take care of the translation in real time with the help of Google Translate, by this, international tourists or customers can enjoy the menu in their own language, instantly on their smartphone.

As soon as your menu is published, all you have to do is print out the QR code that is automatically generated for your menu and stick it on the tables so your customers easily can access it, or why not add it to your physical menu. Once the customer scan the Qr Code, your menu will instantly be available in their smartphones in any language.

Free to use and
will always stay

Menulito basic is free to use and will always stay free, as it is right now, menulito is only available in its basic free form. Menulito is still in its early development so more functions are to see the light.

I am working on paid premium features which will come in the future mostly to keep this project sustainable and running, but for now, lets enjoy the multilingual menu as it is.

the name.

Oh, last but not least, you might wonder where the name menulito came up from? You might know some basic Spanish words or senteces, the first part of the name, the word "menu" probably do not need a deeper explanation, it just felt naturally and the last part "lito" is typically a way of naming someone or something to be small or tiny.

I have come to the conclusion that menulito is a handy little tool, and by all means, this little tiny menu tool will probably create a huge relief for a lot restaurants, cafe and bar owners.

And not to forget, i have a wonderful niece, his name is Daniel but i have always called him Danielito, a small guy with a huge heart!

- Alexander, Creator and Developer of Menulito